by Modest and Furious

For even while I live in darkness and silence, I can bring out colors in memory if I wish, and discern between black and white, and what others I wish
St. Augustine, Confessions, Book 10, Chapter 8, Heading 13
Creative work is suspended between memory and oblivion
Jorge Luis Borges

A sailor in troubled waters, sign is my rudder, memories are my sails.

In my artistic exploration, I delve into the nuanced languages of memory, investigating the captivating processes of its creation, storage, and retrieval within the dephts our minds. The mechanisms allowing certain memories to be consciously suppressed or unconsciously repressed fascinate me.
I'm intrigued by how the passage of time decomposes some memories while rigidly preserving others, with fragments lost and distinct portions intermingling to give birth to new amalgamations.

Collective memory, encompassing the recollections of others, holds a significant place in my exploration. I aim to comprehend how the memories of those around us shape our own recollections, creating intricate connections and overlapping narratives.

As writing serves as a vessel for memory, I explore the inherent possibilities within writing systems to influence our remembrance. The codes and languages used in automated environments captivate me, carrying profound implications for information perception and retention. Additionally, I am deeply intrigued by written systems exclusively tailored for machines, a subject that adds another layer to my artistic journey. It's crucial to critically examine the potential consequences of this evolving non-human language on our future society.

In a nutshell, through my artistic practice, I aim to unravel the intricate tapestry of memory, shedding light on its complexities and revealing its profound impact on our personal and collective experiences. By exploring the realms of memory and language